The Island

The Island is a personal reflection on home. I love the sea and grew up living no more that 10 minutes walk from the beach. For me the smell of salty air and fish & chips, as well as strong winds whipping across open beaches, will always make me smile. Recently the UK has chosen to leave the European Union, something I feel will isolate the country, and really emphasise that my home is a small cluster of islands, alone in the north Atlantic, with visions of grandeur that no longer hold true. Despite this, it is still a beautiful country, with hard working people and an incredible sense of pride. It can be bizarre, and ridiculous, but also warm, caring and proud. This is an ongoing project and I may never decide that it is finished, but for now, I use these images to display a portrait of my home country as we wait to see whats its future holds. For now, the traditions of a ‘stiff upper lip’ and ‘elbow grease will get the job done’, are as noticeable as ever. The class gap is ever more present, and things are uncertain. England I will always call you home and still struggle to find a more beautiful place with such character.

fishing boat 2, shoreham-by-sea, sussex, uk 2016

fishmonger, billingsgate market, london 2016

Yacht 1, shoreham-by-sea, sussex, uk 2016

fishing boat 3, shoreham-by-sea, sussex, uk 2016

seagull trailer, folkstone harbour, kent, 2016

Fishmonger, Billingsgate market, London, 2016.

fishing boat 1, shoreham-by-sea, sussex, uk 2016

fawsitt fish, billingsgate market, london 2016

Yacht 2, shoreham-by-sea, sussex, uk 2016

Fisherman counting coins, folkstone, kent, 2016

a man and his beer, folkstone harbour, kent, 2016

fish and chip shop, bournemouth, dorset, uk 2015

lone fishing boat, folkstone, kent, uk 2016

fish & Chips, Bournemouth, dorset, uk 2017

member of the national coast watch, folkstone, kent, 2016

elderly gentleman and his crossword, folkstone, kent 2016

5.30am, billingsgate market, london, 2016

first light at the harbour, shoreham-by-sea, sussex 2016

seaweed, shoreham-by-sea, sussex, 2016

flags and a pool table, folkstone, kent, 2016

fred the skipper, shoreham-by-sea, sussex 2016

sales floor, london boat show 2015

persuasion, london boat show, 2015

the sideways glance, london boatshow, 2016

Nautical decorations, the ship inn, folkstone, kent 2016

recovery divers preparing for work, shoreham-by-sea, 2016

the lonely end of the pier, shoreham-by-sea, 2016

Briton needs you, folkstone, kent, 2016

a solitary rock, shoreham-by-sea, 2017

a solitary rock, shoreham-by-sea, 2017

stepping off the ladder, shoreham-by-sea, 2016

metal saw on deck, shoreham-by-sea 2016

the long wait, london boatshow 2016

To be continued....