Ice Cream for Breakfast

It normally starts with a lot of confusion and usually worrying about money or work, or the day to day stresses that are common for most people. I look at the clock and fade back to sleep, but will wake again in half an hour or so with the same confused thoughts. Its usually around the third or fourth time of waking up that I notice the sweating and the detached feeling floating somewhere between the conscious and subconscious. I am having a Diabetic ‘Hypo’ or Hypoglycaemic episode. This means my blood sugar level has fallen well below the normal level needed for functioning properly and it is a pain in the ass.

I grab my blood meter next to my bed, prick my finger tip and apply the blood sample to get a reading. 2.1 shows back at me. two point one. not good. I’ve been this low before and had to be seen to by the paramedics, not something I plan on repeating anytime soon, although Im sure it will happen again at some point, I just don’t have any intention of that today! Luckily I know theres a tub of chocolate ice cream in the freezer and a tub of sugar on the kitchen counter, I know its no more than about 15 paces away but with my sugar being on such a low number I’m skeptical about the journey. I can hear the shower running and a have a faint memory of talking to Storm a few moments ago before she went to get ready for work, I must have seemed ok or she’d be force feeding me very sugary coffee (its her go to for fixing me when I wake up with low sugar and always works, despite how much of a pain i know i can be when I’m having a Hypo).

I’m on my own for now then. The first couple of paces must have looked ridiculous, my legs are shaking like a geriatric at a disco, but the momentum picked up and in less than a minute I’m shoveling ice cream covered in sugar into my mouth. When she appeared from the shower, I tried to play off that I was fine to Storm so not to worry her, and I either did it very successfully, or she just let me pretend I was OK despite the ice cream all over my hands.

I make breakfast and coffee and chat to Storm for a while before she leaves for work, then breathe a sign of relief that I’m not in a coma. The first twinges of a headache start to pinch the sides of my head, usually for me this is a sign that my sugar is rising quickly and only lasts for a few minutes although its painful enough to send me back to bed for another hour.

I look at the clock again, I’ve been asleep for just over an hour after this mornings antics, I feel exhausted, thirty and grumpy, again another sign that my sugar isn’t right, grabbing my meter again I’m now up at 16.1. Bollocks. well its a simple fix with a shot of insulin an serves me right for coating my morning ‘hypo prevention’ ice cream in more sugar. At least when its a higher number my brain functions normally and the tiredness can be fixed by a fresh pot of coffee.

Diabetes is a constant balancing act that can be a true pain on occasions, but you get used to these types of mornings, and ice cream for breakfast is something you can have with a legitimate excuse!

Ice Cream.jpg