Trying to keep it moving.

So its been exactly 3 month since I have written a post for this blog. Something I was convinced wouldn’t happen. I feel like I should update on my recent life events, mainly for my own sake rather than anyone else’s so here goes, a few of the good, the bad, and the downright awkward.

  1. I managed to get some photographs published online with Vice Canada via the help and journalistic talents of my friend Graham Isador. Graham is a lovely guy and his work is well worth the read if you need some contemplative and often funny articles in your life. The article he wrote and I shot can be found here -

  2. Toronto you have been beautiful, but honestly it is time to leave. We have been in the city for 4 months now, and despite its charm and how much I love being able to see the CN Tower from the sofa, the city doesn’t have the character or enthusiasm I was hoping for. So over the next few months we are looking to the west. BC has always been a dream for somewhere to live and the outdoors is something I greatly miss. I’m excited to start the next chapter but I know I have a while to wait while we save the dollars.

  3. Last on my list, as blog writing is something i really need to work on, is that I have finally started reaching out to photo agencies here in Canada. It was something I was always too, for want of a better word, shy to do in the UK. The sense of reaching out for connections felt impossible and unachievable. however on this side of the Atlantic, I feel the opportunities are available but you have to reach out and find them!

    Also, as a side note to these three points, I wanted to say that I’m feeling good and a positive mind set is always going to help! Thanks for taking the two minutes to look at the blog, I still don’t know which direction I want this to take, but we will see where it goes!