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Ted Lamb is an accomplished Photographer and Writer who spends the majority of his time traveling and pursuing as many experiences as possible. Currently residing in the South of England, Ted is a gifted storyteller who works to capture positive stories that inspire people to consider their relationship with nature and with each other.

Consisting of Outdoor Adventure, Documentary, and Lifestyle subjects, Ted is known for a portfolio that is punctuated by untamed landscapes and moving portraits. Perhaps most unique about Ted is his innate ability to connect with the people and environment around him. While his portraits reveal raw and insightful detail about the lives of his subjects, his thirst for travel has defined his landscapes, which consist of beautiful and awe-inspiring destinations he has captured from across the globe.

At the age of 16 Ted was diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases, Type one Diabetes and Addison’s disease. This has given him a unique perspective on the world, inspiring him to make the most of every day, and supplying him with a desire to work with the people and organisations who are pushing the boundaries.

Words by Ellen Jephcott.

Notable Clients

The Guardian


Sidetracked Magazine

CBC Arts

Salmon Coast Field Station

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